The Visit is a German play originally published in 1956. It's been translated several times, but this particular version was adapted by Maurice Valency and first performed on Broadway in 1958.

 The following is an excerpt from a note by the playwright, Friedrich Dürrenmatt:

 "The Visit is the story of an action which takes place in a small town somewhere in Central Europe. It is told by someone who feels himself at no great remove from the people involved, and who is not so sure eh would have acted differently. Any further meaning imputed to the story needs no mention here, and should not be imposed on the stage production...I have described people, not marionettes, an action and not an allegory. I have presented a world, not pointed a moral (as I have been accused of doing), and what is more I have not even tried to force my play on the public, for all that happens quite naturally in any case, so long as the audience too belongs in the theatre."


 Claire Zachanassian
  Justine Lasser
Anton Schill
  Mike Christie
  Faiz Abbasi
  Nakul Baula
Kobby  Akshay Doshi
 Lobby  Lee Beyle
  Matt Goldfarb
 Max  Shaun Swanson
 Bergomaster  Ian Coleman
 Teacher  Liz Martindale
 Pastor  Tom Pike
 Policeman  Ankur Gupta
 Doctor  Rico Fraboni
 Frau Schill
  Veronica Kawka
 Ottilie  Jasmine Friedrich
 Karl  Jay Rockwell
 Helmesberger  Henry Kober
 Hofbauer  Eric Habich
  Becky Levin
 Painter  Stephanie Johnson
 Stationmaster  Paul Combe
 Frau Burgomaster/Camerawoman
  Stephanie Federwisch
 Townsperson  Marie Raffaele
 Conductor  Connor Fallon
 Truckdriver/Assistant  Austin L. Moyer
 Adolphine/Sarcristan/Reporter  Chloe Perkins
 Production Staff  
  Jaclyn Bernard
   Daniel Dewey
 Production Manager/Technical Director
  Aaron Gross
Stage Managers
  Natalie Mark
   Theresa Myers
Lighting Designer
  Anthony Chivetta
 Master Electrician
  Teddy Martin
 Assistant Master Electrician
  Bridget Hogan
Lighting Board Operator
  Matthew Dickoff
Lighting/Electrics Crew
  David Kinskey-Lebeda
   Amanda Burridge
   Leto Karatsolis-Chanikian
   Daniel Freeman
Sound Designer
  Sam Creely
Sound Engineer
  Spencer Williams
 Sound Crew  Alex Marekov
   Alex Baran
 Set Designer  Shannon Deep
 Master Carpenter  Aryn Gaslowitz
 Assistant Master Carpenter
  Chris Wheelahan
 Carpentry Crewr
  Matthew Finder
   Daniel Freeman
   Chris Lebowitz
   Nick Petrillo
   Spencer Williams
   Dennis Liang
 Paint Charges  Michael Royce
   Shannon Deep
Paint Crew  Leto Karatsolis-Chanikian
Props Master  Erin Burnside
Props Crew
  Amy Tian
Costume Deisgner
  Lauryn Fantano
Assistant Costume Designers
  Sarah Marks
   Elyse Carr
 Hair/Makeup Designer  Maggie Soderholm
  Dana Weinstein
 Publicity Designer  Jasmine Friedrich
Publicity Crew
  Kelly Rivers
   Diana Wong
   Toro Adeyemi
   Nick Petrillo
   Amanda Gobaud
   Elliot Smith
   Shaun Swanson
 House Manager
  Amanda Gobaud
 Assistant House Manager
  Alex DiClaudio
 Load-In Crew
  David Huang
   Francis Soong
   Scott Wasserman
   Matt Aument
   Todd Snider
   Anisha Vaswani
   Breana Potter