Director's Note:

I have been asked on many different occasions why I chose to direct A Few Good Men. My answer to that question has changed throughout the process of this show. It has gone from something superficial, to an answer much more worthy of actually appearing in a director’s note.

Originally, I would reply with something to the effect of “Have you ever seen anything Aaron Sorkin has written? It’s better than Shakespeare!” As anyone who has seen The West Wing (which I have watched twice now…. yes, all seven seasons) or Charlie Wilson’s War can tell you, Sorkin’s writing alone is reason enough to produce this show. From the quick, technical dialogue to the actual choice of words on the page, his writing is poetry.

If you had asked me “why this show?” a month ago, I would have said something a little different. I would have replied with a discussion on the meaning of the show. Why is Kaffee so touchy about his father? Why does Jo feel the need to stick her nose where it really doesn’t belong? Did the characters in the show act in a manner unbecoming a marine? These are all interesting questions to ponder when studying this show, and I hope you do, but my answer to the question has changed again.

Q: “Why did you decide to direct A Few Good Men, Chris?”
A: “Because it is the only show that could have brought together the personalities and talents present in this cast and crew.”

I’m not normally a sappy person, but I think this merits mentioning. I have learned more about the theatrical experience through the people involved in this show than many people learn in a lifetime. Thank you cast and crew, and thank you for coming to see this show. Without you, this kind of experience wouldn’t be possible for people like us.

Chris Wheelahan

Cast (listed in order of rank)    
United States Navy
Capt. Isaac Whitaker
  Matt Goldfarb
Judge Julia Randolph   Veronica Kawka
Cmdr. Walter Stone
  Zander Miller
Lt. Cmdr. Joanne Galloway   Shannon Deep
Lt. j.g. Daniel Kaffe   Josh Jelin
Lt. j.g. Sam Weinberg
  Ankar Gupta
United States Marine Corps
Lt. Col. Nathan Jessep   Alex DiClaudio
Capt. Matthew Markinson   Greg Delmar
1st Lt. Jack Ross   Todd Snider
1st Lt. Jonathan Kendrick   Tom Pike
Sergeant-At-Arms/MP   Becky Levin
Cpl. Jeffrey Howard   Matt Goldfarb
Cpl. Dunn   Becky Levin
Cpl. Thomas   Veronica Kawka
Cpl. Hammacker
  Zander Miller
L. Cpl. Harold Dawson
  Alex Marakov
Pfc. Louden Downey
  Simran Koonjul
Pfc. William Santiago   Jay Rockwell
Technical Crew    
Director   Chris Wheelahan
Stage Manager   Theresa Myers
Production Manager   Aaron Gross
Technical Director   Teddy Martin
Master Electrician   Matt Dickoff
Lighting Designers   Anthony Chivetta
    Jason Myers
Sound Designer, Sound Engineer   Daniel Freeman
Master Carpenter, Set Designer   Spencer Williams
Assistant Master Carpenter   Aryn Gaslowitz
Carpentry/Set Design Crew   Daniel Freeman
    Jasmine Friedrich
    Nick Petrillo
    Paul Richardson
Paint Charge   Starsha Kolodziej
Assistant Paint Charge   Jay Rockwell
Props Mistress   Justine Lassar
Properties Consultant   Jasmine Friedrich
Costumes Manager   Aislinn McClosky
Hair/Makeup Designer   Margaret Soderholm
Publicity Designer   Jasmine Friedrich
Head Publicist   Elliot Smith
Publicity Crew   Toro Adeyemi
    Kelly Rivers
    Shaun Swanson
House Manager   Kelly Rivers
Assistant House Manager   Toro Adeyemi
Special Thanks
To hinges, polyvinyl chloride, question answerers, Aaron Tarnow, Dylan White Beck, Jolt, the Board, ABTech, Facilities Management Services, and University Center Staff, DC Theatricks, Dave Ruvolo and the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.