Director's Note

"There is so much to teach you. What I know was given to me for men and it is true and beautiful. Soon I shall be under the grass and it will be lost. You were sent to save it, and you must come back to that I can teach you."

--Black Elk to John G. Neihardt at the conclusion of their first meeting.

I am proud of and interested in my Native American roots with the Zapotecs of Oaxaca, Mexico but, since I don't live in Oaxaca, learning about my ancestry is difficult. Because Black Elk's vision was saved, the history and experiences he lived through will be passed on to future generations. That vision is presented to you today in hopes that it will continue to live on, teach, and inspire.


Clara Bittner-Rossmiller
Black Elk
Naz Pahlavi Yellow Woman
Red Cloud
Second Brave
Katie Dahl
Little Crow
Black Kettle
Indian Girl 2
Amanda Hamlin
Crazy Horse
Medicine Bottle
Katherine Crawford
Second Woman
First Brave
Crazy Horse's Mother
Catherine Hofler

Man Afraid of His Horses

Indian Girl
First Woman
Roman Nose
Chief Tosawi
Anatoliy Kats
William Bent
Major Anthony
General Sherman
Michael Treidl
Major Wynkoop
Col. Carrington
Jon Ames
Andrew Jackson
Commissioner Taylor
John Finerty
Josh Godick
Thomas Galbraith
General Sheridan
Governor Evans
Kevin Haughwout Andrew Myrick
Col. Chivington
George Armstrong Custer
Matt Park
Long Trader Sibley
Lt. Cramer
Col. Maynadier
Diana Henderson Drums
Production Staff
Jesús Pantel
Production Manager Joslyn Erickson
Technical Director Rob Siemborski
Stage Manager Adam Greenberg
Assistant Stage Manager Theresa Lin
Set Designer Kevin Perry
Lighting Designer Diane Loviglio
Sound Designer Fred Merkle
Master Carpenter Shafeeq Sinnamohideen
Assistant Master Carpenter
Matt Wood
Master Electrician Cheryl Platz
Assistant Master Electrician
Gena Miler
Paint Charge Jairan Sadeghi
Master Rigger
Matthew Theisz
Liz Pojanowski
Public Relations
Mason Kincaid
Build Crew
Josh Godick
James Johnson
Anne Wooton
Electrics Crew
Katherine Crawford
Michael Creegan
Adam Greenberg
Kevin Haughwout
Lakshmi Jayapalan
Matt Park
Adam Pennington
Matthew Theisz