Director's Note

 Much Ado About Nothing is often considered a "problem play." Though classified as a comedy, it is little more than one deception away from tragedy. Everything seems to be tied up neatly when the curtain falls, but even the clandestine reconciliation of lovers leaves unanswered questions and an uncertain future. Can a tumultuous courtship permit the blossoming of a healthy marriage for the two pairs of lovers? We wish them the best, but fate casts and uncertain shadow on their future wedded life.

The "problem" at the heart of Much Ado largely pertains to the ambiguities of its characters. There is no blak or white in Shakespeare's Messina. A plain-dealing villian bears the weight of his illegitimate birthright. A noble count disgraces himself in an attempt to preserve his fragile honor. And a merry war becomes the prelude to a nuptual for a pair of word-sparring rivals. These "problems," however, are exactly why I chose to present this play. If these few hours of entertainment will inspire in the audience a reflective examination of man's frailties in the offices of love and honor, then we wll have done justice to this masterpiece.

I want to welcome you all to the world of Shakespeare's Messina. In it we have strived to recreate the spirit of the Renaissance--a rebirth of art, music, life, and love. The text itself was perhaps our greatest inspiration, for it is, in and of itself, a wealth of music, its very words "a fantastical banquet" that I urge you to savor. I cannot begin to express the depth of my gratitude toward the many people who helped make this produciton a reality. I was tryly blessed with a cast and crew who inspired me at every turn with their dedication, patience, creativity, and passion. It is truly their show, and I hope that all will enjoy it as much as we did putting it together.

Meredith Spisak


Don Pedro, prince of Arragon
  Scott Dai
 Don John, his bastard brother
  Chris Ruth
 Claudio, a young lord of Florence
  Chris Moyer
 Benedick, a young lord of Padua
  Matt Heap
 Leonato, a governor of Messina
 Josh Halko
Antonio, his brother
  Clare Drobot
 Balthasar, attendant on Don Pedro
  Brookes Decker
Borachio, follower of Don John
  Tyson Schrader
Conrade, follower of Don John
  Katelyn Shearer
Friar Francis
  Pei Liu
Dogberry, a constable
  Jon Ames
Verges, a headborough
  Allison Pottern
  Alex Aspiazu
Hero, daughter of Leonato
  Catherine Hofler
Beatrice, niece of Leonato
  Joanna Strapp
Margaret, gentlewoman attending on Hero
  Kristina Wiltsee
Ursula, gentlewoman attending on Hero
  Robin Trew
  Erin Snyder
 First Watchman  Jennifer Stulman
Second Watchman
  Katie Dahl
 Meredith Spisak
 Production Liaison  Theresa Lin
 Technical Director  CBR
 Production Manager  Matt Park
 Stage Manager  Shilpa Reddy
 Assistant Stage Manager  Gena Miller
 Set Designer  Katelyn Shearer
 Master Carpenter  Sara Rockwell
 Assistant Master Carpenter  Shafeeq Sinnamohideen
Paint Charge
 Aaron Tarnow
 Paint Charge  Beth Semler
Props Master
 Marcus Lemmon
 Lighting Designer  Maya"Chaos" Nigrosh
Master Electrician
  Chris Marshall
Assistant Master Electrician
 Brian Gray
 Sound Designer
 Jeff Lanza
 Costume Designers
 Nikki Delhomme
  Alexandra Orgera
Public Relations
 Jennifer Murray
  Adam Atkinson
Scenic Artist
 Inyoung Song
 Matt Park
  Amanda Hamlin
Build Crew
 Katherine Crawford
  Katie Dahl
  Scott Dai
  Susan Dernyar
  Ken Tew
  Anne Wooton
 Paint Crew Jon Ames
  Ashley Anderson
  Adam Atkinson
  Katie Dahl
  Scott Dai
  Greg Gilotti
  Brian Gray
  Marcus Lemmon
  Theresa Lin
  Alexandra Orgera
  Tyson Schrader
  Katelyn Shearer
  Meredith Spisak
  Ram Subramanian
 Run Crew Ashley Anderson
  Sarah Steinberg
  Katie Wallat
 Lighting Mooks
  Mike Creegan
  Tolga Erbay
  Shafeeq Sinnamohideen
  Aaron Tarnow
  Ken Tew
  Anne Wooton
 Costume Crew
 Hallie Stern
  Will Cooper-Douglas