October 2011

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where people have to pay to pee, Urinetown satirizes capitalism, bureaucracy, musical theatre, and itself.

The listing below is incomplete. If you have details about the production staff, please contact the webmaster.

Directing Staff    
Director   Christian Fleming
Assistant Director   Matthew Zurcher
Musical Director   Corey Wachala
Assistant Musical Director   Stephanie Mao
Associate Choreographer   Mitch Marois
Officer Lockstock   Dave Gordon
Little Sally   Kelsey Dietz
Bobby Strong   Stephen Murphy
Hope Cladwell   Jaclyn Ross
Caldwell B. Cladwelle   Jamal Williams
Pennywise   Olivia Vadnais
Officer Barrel   Scott Cuva
Senator Fipp   Sean Salamon
Mr. McQueen   Eric Dietz
Cladwell's Secretary   Nigel Rowe
Joseph "Old Man" Strong   Matthew Alsup
Josephine "Ma" Strong   Christine de Carteret
Hot Blades Harry   Canute Haroldson
Little Becky Two-Shoes   Nkem Chikwendu
Tiny Tom   Evan Starkweather
Soupy Sue   Erika Tang
Old Woman   Diane Koeller
Ensemble   Jessica Benenson
    Kelsey Claire Hagen
    Hannah Leavenworth
    Jacqueline Mishol