November 2011

An awesome performance and raising money for an amazing cause at the same time. Our dashing host and president, Will Weiner, takes you on a tasting tour showcasing amazing talent from the Musical Theatre repertoire.

All proceeds will be donated to the Alumni Theater Company, a non-profit theater company that "provides quality performing arts training for talented, committed youth in grades 6-12 in a highly creative, challenging and supportive environment." For more information check out their website and blog at

The listing below is incomplete. If you have details about the production staff, please contact the webmaster.


Joanna Latini
Somewhere That's Green

Chelsea Bartel
In Praise of Women

Sean Salamon
Taylor the Latte Boy

Olivia Vadanais
She's Got a Way

Ari Halevy
In Short

Diane Koller
Go the Distance

Matthew Alsup
Losing my Mind

Kelly Carter
Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat

Taylor Rawley
Unexpected Song

Larissa Jantonio
I'm Not That Guy

Lukas Ronner and Wyatt D'Emilia

Larger than Life

Kevin O'Hora
Come to Your Senses

Patty Rupinen
I'm Not That Smart

Bradley Plaxen
If Only

James Alexander, Erika Tang, Nigel Rowe and Eric Dietz
On the Street Where You Live

Zachary Mendez
Ladies Who Lunch

Christine De Carteret
In His Eyes

Kelsey Dietz and Jackie Ross
The Doctor Is In

Evan Starkweather and Jackie Mishol

Divya Mouli