Carnival 2012

A show that's full of fancy dresses, monkeys, black lesbian aviators, spit takes and the love of musical theatre.

The listing below is incomplete. If you have details about the production staff, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Directing Staff

Noelle Crochet
Musical Director

Eric Dietz
Choreographer Mitch Marois
Assistant Director Andrew Minton
Assistant Musical Director Stephen Murphy


Gillian Hassert

Matthew Alsup

Caity Pitts

Sean Pack

Ethan Crystal

Christine deCarteret

Zach Mendez

Joel Goodloe

Lukas Ronner

Wyatt D'Emelia

Will Weiner

Larissa Jantonio

Nkem Chikwendu
Jamal Williams
Jessica Benenson
Diane Koeller
Joanna Latini
Jacqueline Mishol
Taylor Rawley
Jaclyn Ross
Bradley Sherburne
Evan Starkweather
William Veer