February 2013

An intense drama about members of a murder trial jury who hold the life of another in their hands. Though they start by believing that their minds are made up, they soon come to realize that the facts might not be as clear as they originally appeared in the courtroom.

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Directing Staff

James Alexander
Assistant Director

Ethan Crystal


Juror #1

Diane Koeller
Juror #2

Emma Harger
Juror #3

Kevin Handerhan
Juror #4

Eleanor Lewis
Juror #5

Raz Golden
Juror #6

Tyler Harper
Juror #7

Bradley Plaxen
Juror #8

Andrew Bueno
Juror #9

Erika Tang
Juror #10

Christopher Sparks
Juror #11

SL Rao
Juror #12

Richman Neumann

Billy Veer