Staged Readings of Student Works
Co-coordinated by Max Chittister and Jeremy J. Lewit
February 1996

February 16th Performance

Lunch With Alice
Writer Matt Morrow
Director David Hirschfield

Heddy Suzanne Craig
Bonnie Holly Gabrielson
Taylor Shana Reade
Alice Amber K. King
Janet Jennifer Olsen
Butler Sameer Karim

Between Floors
Lisa S. Marinacci
Director Sameer Karim

Tony Erik S. P. Gaghan
Becca Robyn M. Nace
Vicki the Voice Hannah Rohlfs
Matthew McKeon

February 17th Performance

The Utter Insignificance and Meaninglessness
of Your College Education
Writer Max Chittister
Director Hannah Rohlfs

Narrator Jennifer P. Olsen
Ensemble Lysander O. Abadia

Erik S. P. Gaghan

David Hirschfield

Sameer Karim

Suzanne Craig
Amber K. King
Shana Reade

I See Your Cup is Empty
Lawenda (Wendy) Jones
Director Robyn M. Nace

Edward Eisenberg Ken Legum
Ronnie Eisenberg Brian Fredrickson
David Steinburg Lysander Abadia
Rabbi David Hirschfield
Synagogue Congregation Alexandra Grundeman
Daniel T. Halstead
Jeremy J. Lewit
Adam Peelor
Hannah Rohlfs
Kellie M. Walsh
Why I Write
Max Chittister
Performed by Matthew McKeon
by Jeremy J. Lewit
Performed by Daniel T. Halstead

February 18th Performance

Ask Me About My Screenplay
by Alex Lewin

by Jeremy J. Lewit
Performed by Alexandra Grundeman

Discoveries on the Threshold
David Goyette
Director Anuj Vaidya

Joshua Taylor Wray
Desiree Amber K. King
Kevin Adam Peelor

Production Staff

Poster Designers Lisa R. Kouvolo

Max Chittister
Lights Brian A. Fredrickson

Sarah Goldman