By Jeffrey Lane and David Yazbek.

Carnival 2010

Set in the modern day French Riviera, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels immerses the audience in the high-class and hilarious world of Lawrence Jameson, a con artist of the highest caliber, and his eager — if unpolished — protégé, Freddy Benson. When their next mark, soap heiress Christine Colgate, arrives for a two-week vacation, Lawrence and Freddy begin to plan their con, and end up in head-to-head combat for her money. But who, student or teacher, will emerge as the dirtiest rottenest scoundrel of them all?

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Directing Staff
Director Alex DiClaudio
Music Director Matt Aument
Choreographer Dan Wetzel

Lawrence Jameson
Scott Wasserman
Freddy Benson
Sean Pack
Christine Colgate
Gillian Hassert
Andre Thibault
Steven Tietjen
Muriel Eubanks
Melissa Johnson
Jolene Oakes
Shannon Deep

Lee Beyle

Caitlin Cox

Eric Dietz

Tim Hieter

Caity Pitts
Enrico Rosato
Patty Rupinen

Nick Ryan
Bradley Sherburne
Michelle Stewart
Erika Tang
Sharon Wang