Looking for a little rest and time by herself, Betty rents a summer share at the beach. But Betty’s luck turns to delicious lunacy when this sensible everywoman gets drawn into the chaotic world of some very unsavory housemates – her friend Trudy who talks too much, the lewd, seminaked Buck, who tries to have sex with everyone, and Keith, a possible serial killer, who hides in his room with a mysterious hat box. With sand between her toes, walking a thin line between sanity and survival, poor Betty will leave her summer vacation more terrorized than tan.

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Directing Staff
Director Timothy Sherman

Caity Pitts
Mrs. Seizmagraff Erin Burnside
Trudy Molly Samuels
Keith Andrew Minton
Buck Will Weiner
Mr. Vanislaw Peter Appleby
The Voices Stephanie Guerdan
Adam Lieiowitz

Timothy Vaughan