5 Plays Written, Directed & Performed In 24 Hours

Artistic Director
Tim Sherman

Publicity Director
Jasmine Friedrich

Technical Director
Daniel Freeman 

Note from the Artistic Director

As I write this, it’s the beginning of hour 16, and we’re still going strong. No one’s cracked yet. Admittedly, one person has come up to me and shaken my shoulders furiously with a wild look in his eyes, warning me of the mutinous consequences sure to occur if the burritos we’re expecting for lunch don’t arrive. But there’s no blood on the walls, no tears, and no broken bones. Yet. There are still 8 hours to go after all…

I proposed a 24 hour play format for a number of reasons. In my opinion, theatre is fundamentally spontaneous, and I’ve found that working under the time limitation of this format brings spontaneity to the forefront and really makes it work for the production. Innovation becomes necessary, and these teams have all innovated. The theme we chose for this challenge, Time, is a complex one that could lead to difficulties coming up with a play. Our teams have not fallen victim to this, and have come up with five radically different plays which all use the theme in unique ways. This production is also notable for the number of people involved. This production has involved 35 people on the teams alone, a huge number compared to past may slots, which have often struggled to fill their ranks with actors.

This production has been really exciting, both for me watching over it, and for everyone creating the theater you’re going to see. There’s something exhilarating about the seat-of-your-pants atmosphere such a challenge creates, an atmosphere that fosters creativity rather than stifling it. We’ve all enjoyed creating these pieces, and I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we did making them. Enjoy the Chug.

Tim Sherman, Artistic Director

Once Upon Many Times    
Kelly Rivers
Joe DeGolia
Director   Aryn Gaslowitz 
Stage Manager   Kendra Albert 
The Fairy Godmother   Jay Rockwell 
Prince Alistair Charming   Vis Subramanian 
Prince Solomon Charming
Kyle Gee

Before What Happened After

Noelle Crochet
Director   Arlie Schrantz
Stage Manager   Toro Adeyemi
Angela   Justine Lassar
Damian   Ian Coleman
Maria   Nabiha Hossain
Joe   Paul Combe
Hold the Elevator    
 Writers   Pat Kane 
    Tom Pike 
    Molly Samuels 
Director    Josh Jelin 
Stage Manager    Florian Fettweis 
 Daniel Newsome   Greg Delmar 
Angus McGuffin    Pat Kane 
Fred Carmichael    Jon Nardolilli 
Joe Elroy    Jesse Soracco 
The Shadow of Death    
Writer   Elliot Smith
Director   Scott Wasserman
Stage Manager   Kate Humbert
Claire, 28   Caity Pitts
Evan, 29   Shaun Swanson
Danielle, 23   Liz Kaufman
Scene 1: A graveyard. Nighttime.
Scene 2: The alley, a few days later. Midday.
Scene 3: The alley, a few days later. Evening.
Scene 4: The alley, a few nights later. Evening.
Scene 5: The alley, a few nights later. Evening.
Scene 6: A graveyard. Nighttime.
 Wrong Side of the Bar    
 Writer   Andre Price 
 Assistant Writer   Kyle Rood 
Director    Americo Fraboni 
Stage Manager   Paul Richardson
Adam   Nakul Bagla
Brooke   Erin Burnside
Charlie   Nick Petrillo
Tech Crew    
Master Carpenter   Christopher Wheelahan
Paint Charge   Jennifer Tang
Sound Designer   Spencer Williams
Lighting Designer   Matt Dickoff
House Manager   Caitlin Cronkhite
Special Thanks
Aaron Tarnow, Billy Mays, Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, The University Center Staff, Carnegie Mellon Student Catering Services, The Creative Writing Department, The Esteemed Scotch’n’Soda Board of Directors of 2008-2009, Chipotle