Director's Note

 Christopher Durang's Baby with the Bathwater is a biting and biter work surprisingly uplifting. Durang's take on the parent/child relationship is both humane and harshly critical.

 The first act follows Helen and John in their attempts to raise "Baby." Their intentions are good, but te results are anything but. The second act follows their child, Daisy, in his struggles to cope with his eccentric and somewhat damaging childhood.

Although couched in comedy, the fractured lives of Helen, John, and Daisy have a firm basis in reality. In fact, it is the characters' all too real pain that grounds the play.

This rehearsal process has been amazing. I would like to thank the cast and crew for all their help. This production was truly a group effort and I couldn't have asked for a better staff.

Clare Drobot


 John  Adam Atkinson
 Helen  Alexandra Orgera
 Nanny  Alex Aspiazu
 Cynthia/Susan  Katie Dahl
 Kate/Ms. Pringle
  Beth Semler
 Angela  Berit Nowicki
 Principal  Carolyn Elliot
 Daisy  Sam McUmber
 Therapist's Voice
  Matt Park
 Directorial Staff  
 Director  Clare Drobot
 Assistant Director
  Brian Gray
 Stage Managers
  Scott Dai
   Catherine Hofler
 Special Thanks
  Michael Cox
   Brian Namey
 Technical Director
 Fred Merkle 
 Set Designer
 Paul Duston-Munoz
 Lighting Designer
 Maya Nigrosh
 Assistant Lighting Designer
 Aaron Tarnow
 Sound Designer
 Ross Kinder
 Sound Board Op
 Chris Marshall
 Props Master
 Marcus Lemmon
 Paint Charge Jai Sadeghi
 Production Liaisons
 Catherine Hofler
  Aaron Tarnow
 Public Relations
 Joe McDermott
  Tyson Schrader 
 Build/Paint Crew Ken Tew
  Andrew Moore 
  Laura Vaillancourt 
  Zach Omohundro 
  Cal Wacker 
  Kevin Perry 
  Susan Dernyar 
  Ashley Anderson