Murder, corruption, deception...and that's just the prologue.
An original musical by Matthew Heap and Christopher Ruth.

 Director's Note:

Dies Irae (a title which comes from the Roman Catholic Requium Mass meaning Day of Wrath) is a meeting of many disjunct genres including drama, comedy, and romance. I am honored to have worked with so many talented individuals on this project, and I hope that you, the audience, are able to see another perspective on human nature after experiencing this performance. Dies Irae creates a web of lies, deception, and love that envelopes a variety of people as it shapes their lives and the lives of those around them. I am very thankful for the chance to both co-write and direct this show. I am grateful to the cast, crew, and staff for all their hard work--this is their show. Enjoy it.


Red Nicole Kaplan
 Elizabeth Przybylski
 Ileana Hernandez

Graham Fenton

Townsend  Brookes Decker
Finklestein  Hunter Howe
Chief  Darren Canady
Smith/Bank Manager  Adam Atkinson
Nobel/Bill  Josh Godick
Posito  Scott Dai
Watson/George  Mayhew Seavey

Chris Moyer 

Miller/Sammy  QiJun Leo
Archie  Mike Certo
Beverly  Beth Semler
Kathie Katelyn Shearer
Doris  Cheryl Platz
Mary  Lakshmi Jayapalan
Ruth  Emily Stewart

Ann Flanigan 

Chorus  Catherine Hofler
  Katie Dahl 
  Kirsten Connors 
Production Staff   
Director  Matthew Heap
Assistant Director  Stephanie Mathias
Production Manager  Joslyn Erickson
Production Liaison  Kevin Haughwout
Musical Director  Christopher Ruth
Technical Director  Michael Creegan
Stage Manager  Matt Park
Assistant Stage Manager  Sarah Steinberg
Set Designer  Shafeeq Sinnamohideen
Lighting Designer  Jesus Pantel
Sound Designer  Joe Burch
Master Carpenter  Jon Ames
Master Electrician  Aaron Tarnow
Paint Charge  Jai Sadeghi
Choreogrpahers  Lisa Beiter
  Clara Bittner-Rossmiller
Dance Captain  Cheryl Platz
Props Mistress  Gena Miller
Costumer  Clare Drobot
Hair & Makeup  Liz Pojanowski
Public Relations Business Manager  Janie Khondor
Public Relations Designer
 Mason Kincaid
Build Crew  Shafeeq Sinnamohideen
  Ann Wootton 
  Ken Tew 
  Susan Dernyar 
  Kevin Perry 
  Katie Dahl 
  Andrea Okerholm 
Paint Crew  Susan Dernyar
  Aaron Tarnow 
  Adam Atkinson 
  Katie Dahl 
Electrics Crew  Adam Greenberg
  Rob Siemborski 
Sound Crew  Marta DePaul
  Rob Siemborski 
  Matt Theisz 
Pit Orchestra   
Flute  Ashley Episcopo
Clarinet  Scott Armstrong 
Bassoon/Baritone Saxophone  Mark Fromm 
Bassoon (Thursday)  Adam Harvilla 
Trumpet  Brighten Godfrey 
Trombone  David Fields 
Piano  Yann Seznec 
Violin  Samik Chattopadhyay 
Cello  Meredith Spisak 
Bass  Carlos Chhada 
  Colleen Ruddy