Director's Note

This past Fall, when striking the set for our Homecoming show, Bat Boy, I mentioned casually that Scotch'n'Soda should put on The Wiz. At the time, I had no intention of directing the show, and yet once I mentioned it, I just couldn't let the idea go. I was lucky enough to team up with a very talented assistant director, choreographer, and music director. I extend my deepest thanks to Laurel, Breanna and Adam. I am so grateful to have been able to work with such a diverse and supportive staff. Throughout the process of creating this show, I believe that we have all dealt with the issues of self-discovery and a need for renewed hope that The Wiz delves into. Thank you to everyone involved in this production for working tirelessly and devotedly over the past two months. As a first-time director for a musical of this magnitude, I feel as though I have learned so much from every cast member and every member of the tech staff. From all of us, we present to you Scotch'n'Soda's Carnival production of Charlie Smalls and William F. Brown's The Wiz. 


Aunt Em
  Carmen Jones
Dorothy   Kami Smith
Uncle Henry   Dan Tasse
Tornado/Crow/Kalidah/Poppie   Julie Brown
Tornado/Crow/Kalidah/Poppie   Kelsey Foss
Tornado/Crow/Kalidah/Poppie/Monkey   Kaitlin Genovese
Tornado/Yellow Brick Road/Kalidah/Poppie   Elena Goldstein
Tornado/Yellow Brick Road/Kalidah/Poppie   Lizz Hounshell
Tornado/Crow/Kalidah/Poppie/Evillene   Rachel Gross
Munchkin/Soldier Messenger   Ashley Birt
Munchkin/Lord High Underling   Will Haines
Munchkin/Glinda   Alex Orgera
Munchkin/Gatekeeper   Ram Subramanian
Addaperle   Mary Grace Elliott
Scarecrow    Courtney Kochuba
  Yu Hsien Chia
  Matt Joachim
Field Mouse/Winged Monkey
  Kwasi Mensah
Field Mouse
  Alex Aspiazu
The Wiz
  Chris Granger
  Sonny Van
Emerald City Citizens
Alex Aspiazu, Ashley Birt, Julie Brown, Mary Grace Elliot, Kelsey Foss, Elena Goldstein, Rachel Gross, Will Haines, Catherine Hofler, Lizz Hounshell, Carmen Jones, Kwasi Mensah, Alex Orgera, Ram Subramanian, Dan Tasse, Shayna Watson, Andrea Zin
 Alex Aspiazu, Julie Brown, Kelsey Foss, Elena Goldstein, Catherine Hofler, Lizz Hounshell, Carmen Jones, Alex Orgera, Ram Subramanian, Dan Tasse, Sonny Van, Shayna Watson, Andrea Zin
Pit Singers
Alex Aspiazu, Catherine Hofler, Carmen Jones, Alex Orgera,Shayna Watson, Andrea Zin

 Directing Staff
Director   Danielle Griswold
Assistant Director   Laurel Brierly
Musical Director   Adam Jaffe
Breanna Zwart   Choreographer
Pit Orchestra  
Reeds/Flutes   Johanna Pingel
Brian Luczkiewicz
Jeremy Olisar
Trumpets   Charlie Ciccia
Ryan Hoover
Rachel Clair
French Horn    Sarah Tackett
  Justin Forbes
  Joe Arnold
Rachael Mathey
  Lisa Campbell
Maria Walton (Thursday)
  David Weitzman
  David Pellow (Thursday/Friday)
Adam Wright (Saturday)
  Daniel Dickison
  Rich Kawood
  Cory Cousins
 Production Crew
Stage Manager    Zach Harris
Assistant Stage Manager
  Leslie Markel
Production Liaison
  Sarah Barbour
Production Manager
  Michael Yin
Technical Director
  Aaron Tarnow
Set Designer    Alex Grubb
Master Carpenter
  Andrew Hamilton
Assistant Master Carpenter
  Alex Belton
Paint Charge
  Yena Chung
Props Mistress
  Jenn Kim
Costume Designer
  Katie Dahl
Makeup Artist
  Jordyn Melino
Lighting Designer
  Karen Corcoran
Assistant Lighting Designer
  Loren K. Barton
Master Electrician
  Chris Martens
Assistant Master Electrician
  Zach Omohundro
Sound Desinger    Abbey McClain
Publicity Designer/Publicist
  Scott Dai
House Manager
  Marcus Lemmon

 Build Crew
Captains: Theresa Campobasso, Rob Cavagnaro
Alex Grubb, Alex Malkin, Joe McDermott, Kevin McInerney, Connor O'Malley, Zach Omohundro, Ken Tew

Run Crew
Gerrit Betz, Rob Cavagnaro, Brian Gray, Alex Grubb, Joe McDermott, Michael Yin

Makeup Crew
Leslie Markel, Clara Reyes

Spotlight Operators
Connor O'Malley, Tyson Schrader

Costume Crew
 Ashley Anderson, Ashley Birt, Laurel Brierly, Elena Goldstein, Danielle Griswold, Catherine Hofler, Courtney Kochuba, Leslie Markel, Alex Orgera, Kami Smith, Staci Steinberger, Andrea Zin, Breanna Zwart

Special Thanks
Point Park University
Dave Ruvolo
La Prima Espresso
Vincent Lighting Systems
April Yield